The Embassy of Japan in Pakistan offers Grant assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project (GCGP)

Grant assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project (GCGP) provides non-refundable financial assistance to support the implementation of cultural and higher education projects conducted by non-profit organizations (including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local authorities, research and higher education institutions, etc.) that are active at the grass-roots level in developing countries.

GCGP directly supports the promotion of culture and higher education at the grass-roots level in each country, while also actig as cooperation which encourages understanding of and cultural exchanges with Japan.

Recipients/Eligible Institutions

NGOs, research/educational institutions, local government units, non-government and non-profit cultural and higher educational organizations. Individuals are not eligible.


  • The proposal must specify a project that aims at promoting culture and education (e.g. preservation of cultural relics, exhibition or performance of cultural activities, promotion of higher education or research). Administrative expenses of the applicant organization are not included.

  • The project must directly benefit grassroots activities (preferably projects which involve the local community). The recipient must be the applicant organization and the local community as the direct beneficiaries. It is to be expected that the management, maintenance and administration of the project facilities will directly involve the community.

  • As a matter of principle, the project must be implemented locally.

  • The project must be included in the list of allowed equipment or activities.

Priority Areas

  • Preservation of cultural relics

  • Japanese language education

  • Promotion of sports activities

  • Promotion of music

  • Cultural facilities (Light and sound system in a cultural theatres)

    Ineligible Items

      • Projects that are currently receiving aid through some other grant schemes

      • Projects that do not directly benefit the grassroots level and are not directly related to cultural activities

      • Staff salary

      • Electricity and water consumption

      • Rent for homes or office

      • Fuel and/or gas for vehicles

      • Consumables (supplies, etc.)

      • Equipment for proponent’s office (e.g. stationery, photocopy machines, personal computer, printer, fax machines, cellular phones, etc.)

      • Furniture, air-conditioners, crime-prevention devices, and generators in facilities

      • Vehicles

      • Land purchase

      • Animal dispersal

      • Funding for research and/or project conceptualization

      • Funding for missionary projects, political activities or activities related to elections,commercial projects, and projects supporting specific doctrines or ideologies, or military projects

      • Library books

      • Organization of cultural festivals/performances

      • Payment for VAT, customs and duties, registration/license/certification fees, etc.

      • Inflation

Application Process

An eligible organization should send application directly to the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan. Applications by email will not be accepted. The deadline for submission differs every year. Please contact the Embassy for confirmation.

Project Documents

1. Covering letter with checklist (Word) (PDF)
2. Application Form (Word) (PDF)
3. Instructions to fill the application (PDF)
4. Costing breakdown (Word) (PDF)
5. Organizational chart.(PDF)